Soul Food Minus Whole Food :(

We had a fantastic time in Athens.  I had a vegan noodle bowl at The Grit.  Ohmigosh, it was delicious.  We started out the meal with hummus and veggies with peta points.  I tried celery, cucumber, and carrot slices dipped in it.  It was delicious.  Never in my life have I ever eaten and enjoyed raw celery.  I didn’t even like it in stuff.  I was the same way with carrots.  I could only tolerate them cooked into something.  Now I like them both.  Go figure.  I was so excited about that discovery that I did splurge a teensy bit.  I ordered this vegan cake called “Chocolate Death.”  I didn’t eat much of it because it was rich enough that a few bites were enough to give me that little chocolate boost.  Anyway, if you’re going to splurge on something unhealthy, that is the thing to go with.  I passed it on, and it took all four of us to eat it.  In days past, I would have eaten the whole thing without blinking.  Now I just don’t want it all.  Craziness.  That is only after a week and a half.  Afterward we walked around, I went and got a nice, hip, non-mom haircut (I’ll post pics later) at Rocket Salon and then headed back to Emmanuel.  It was an altogether good day.  Good Tuesday.

Yesterday I had my first really, REALLY difficult day.  The day started out great.  I had a handful of cashews, a banana, and a soy latte for breakfast, but then we hit the road to visit family in Middle Georgia.  My great-uncle passed away.  We weren’t close, but I wanted to go down to be with my family.  Being on the road wasn’t a huge issue.  I took some apples and granola with me to tide me over.  I drank a lot of water.  All was good until after the funeral when we went to a gathering at Uncle Lee’s house, and it was a Southern potluck extraordinaire.    I avoided the meat, of course, with relative ease.  I avoided casseroles because they all have eggs, butter, milk, chunks of lard, yadda yadda in them.  I was thinking that there was a good chance that the veggies were garden veggies and thus ok to eat.  All the veggies except the roasted squash were either breaded and fried or had fatback in them.  If you’re not from the South you should know that fatback is like bacon, but it is thicker and has more fat.  It is literally back fat from a pig.  Ugh.  I was at a loss.  Here is what I ended up having to do.  I drank unsweetened tea with no sweetener (which I like).  I ate some corn (probably with butter.  It was greasy), some green beans (avoiding the fatback), some baked beans (again, avoiding the fatback), some fried okra, and some roasted squash (again, greasy!).  It was depressing, and I hardly ate.  I wasn’t very hungry either.  It left me with such a bad impression after I ate it that when I got home last night after church, all I wanted for dinner was some cereal with almond milk.  Not cool.  I have definitely had a change of appetite.  I don’t want as much food as I used to eat at one time.  I want vegetables now.  I like them.  Even raw!  I have never eaten that way in my life.  Now I crave it.  Crazy!  I really hope this sticks.  I feel so good now.  I can breathe better without the dairy, and I’m not tired all the time.  I love it.

Last little bit of info.  If you are a friend from Gainesville, you should try Sweet Magnolia’s on the square.  I had veggie soup (vegan) and a veggie sandwich on Ezekiel bread.  It had field greens, sprouts, onions, tomato, avocado and no cheese.  It was delicious and very filling.  I never thought I’d be one of those women who talked about how delicious and filling veggies are.  I always thought those people were lying.  I think that for me it all came down to giving up dairy.  That was the clincher for me to start enjoying veggies.  I was so used to trying to mask the flavor with butter or cheese that I never truly tasted them.  Now I like them.  Who knew?!  I promise that if I can do that, anyone can.  Seriously.  Anyone.


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One Response to Soul Food Minus Whole Food :(

  1. Megan Alba says:

    I’ve had a similar experience – once you start eating right, your body knows it and doesn’t want the chemicals anymore. So glad you’re sticking with it!

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