Kind of crap…

This day has been kind of crap in general, so I don’t have a ton to contribute.  Sorry about that, but I will make up for it when I feel a little better.  For now, I will share my one lesson of the last few weeks about brand shopping.  When you are on a budget and looking for health foods, you cannot have much brand loyalty.  I typically use Silk Almond Milk, but this week, Almond Breeze was cheaper, and last week, So Delicious Coconut Milk was on sale for 99 cents.  You have to be flexible.  I have a different type of granola or cereal each week because of what the sale price is, and I’m not as hooked on a particular brand of snack bars as I once was.

  I guess that’s a bit of a life lesson as well.  Sometimes we need to loosen up on our own personal loyalties and preferences, so we can survive whatever wrench is thrown into our nice, solid preferences and plans.  You don’t end up thrown off balance so easily if you can live that way.  I’m working on it.  Change isn’t always easy or fun.


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Wife, mother, teller-of stories, cooker of food, liver of life, teller of truth. Welcome to my corner of the internet. Make yourself at home.
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