There is a party in my tummy, and everyone is throwing up!

Yeah, so I had some cheese this weekend.  Granted, it was ethically produced, but it was dairy nonetheless.  It did not go well.  My stomach was very unhappy with me for eating it.  I promised my stomach that if it would just calm down, I’d never torture it again with cheese.  I suppose that now I’ll have to be permanently dairy free.  This isn’t really an issue for me, but still, it would be nice to have the option.  Oh well.  Plenty of people have foods they avoid for one reason or another.  Guess I’m in that group now, too.  For the record, the place we ate was Ted’s Montana Grill.  They had veggie burgers and cheese that is purchased from one of two smaller farms.  They’re ethical enough to give you crappy cardboard straws that dissolve in your drinks and look like tampon applicators, so they’re definitely ethical enough to give you cruelty free cheese.  Good for them.  Also, good for the environment and the health of their customers. 

In related news, I have decided to grow my hair out to my natural color.  My natural color kind of sucks.  It’s a mousy color with little or no pizzaz, but the alternative is to keep exposing myself to harmful chemicals each month that cost a lot and come from brands that test on animals.  Most of the do it yourself kinds are that way.  I’m going on Tuesday to get blonded up again to make the transition easier.  Since I’ve made this decision, it’s been kind of neat.  I feel like I’m not a slave to my hair anymore.  I mean, who cares if my hair is a sassy shade of brunette?  I’m a sassy shade of brunette on the inside, and that shines through no matter what color I dye my hair!  Besides, if I have a mousy color on my head, it doesn’t mean that I’m a mousy personality type.  Quite the contrary, actually.  The older I get, the more I realize that who I am doesn’t have to be reflected outwardly to make a point.  There was a time when I defined myself largely by the clothes I wore, the hairstyle I had, the music I listened to, etc.  Now I’m a lot more comfortable in my own skin, and I’m not trying to impress anyone anymore.  Who has time to impress people when you’re trying to raise your kid, be a good wife, work at your job, and be salt and light to the world?  So don’t be offended if you see my new hair and say that you liked it the other way, and you’re met with a blank stare.  It’s not you, it’s me.


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2 Responses to There is a party in my tummy, and everyone is throwing up!

  1. Erin says:

    I checked my Mac dictionary, and according to that, the correct spelling is mousy (without the e)!

  2. Jesse Moon says:

    Yay for mousy brown hair! I quit the dye routine myself for my own mousy locks a while back. Granted, it was more out of laziness than any ethical standards, but nevertheless, my hats off to you!

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