When life is in pieces, at least the food is whole…

It’s been a long month.  My entire world feels like it has fallen in around me.  I’m having to readjust my entire perception of my life and reality right now because we have left our church.  It is a really, really complicated situation.  It is not about the reason that seems obvious either.  I will simply say that once said, words cannot be unsaid, and they carry a lot of weight.  While forgiveness may be given, the heart of what was said is now out in the open, and cannot be forgotten, no matter how hard you try. 

Moving on, I will talk a little about the heart of the blog.  I have weight in at the gym, and since I started in July, I have lost twenty pounds.  I measured yesterday, and since then I have lost three inches off my waist, three off my bust, three off my hips, and three off my bicep.  I have lost four and a half off my thigh! That is measurable evidence that what I’m doing is working.  It makes me really happy. 

I have begun to eat no hormone, no antibiotic, chicken again.  It’s a little more expensive, but it is meeting the need that my gym has for my diet program with more whole food elements.  Having to up my protein has resulted in my eating more processed foods, rather than less, as a vegetarian.  All in all, I’m ok with the decision.  I still avoid milk at all costs.  Milk and I are not friends.  Boo milk! 

Anyway, I’ve not fallen completely off the wagon since the dramatic events of the last month have occurred.  Instead I’ve taken a little of my anger and frustration out in my workouts.  Seemed a healthier alternative to just moping around.  That’s all for tonight, but the hiatus of the blog is over.  I’ll begin blogging again soon.


About wholefoodsoulfood

Wife, mother, teller-of stories, cooker of food, liver of life, teller of truth. Welcome to my corner of the internet. Make yourself at home.
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2 Responses to When life is in pieces, at least the food is whole…

  1. Crystal says:

    I’m proud of you. 😀

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