Why yes, these are skinny jeans. Thanks for asking.

So, I had a very exciting moment today.  I was out and about before work, and I was having to hold my jeans up with one hand while I shopped.  It was super annoying because they were so baggy.  I had noticed the grannyness of them last week, but I didn’t make much of it.  Today, they were so loose that I was scared I’d lose them.  So before I could go to work, I had to stop by Ross to buy a belt.  Well, when I saw that the belt was not going to be cost-effective ($20?  I don’t even wear belts that often!)  I opted for jeans.  Not just jeans, but skinny jeans. Not just skinny jeans, but skinny jeans two sizes smaller than my former jeans.  Yay!  While I am not an advocate for fat girls in skinny jeans, I must say h ere that I have skinny legs, so they work for me. 

Anyway, on to other things.  My workouts have been going great.  I have some definition on my arms if I flex.  It’s not super impressive, but hey, it’s a start.  I can jog continuously for quite some time without having to stop now.  I’m loving the proportions of my body more.  Things I’ve wanted to have shrink are shrinking, and vice versa. 

The eating of meat again has been going well.  I do well when I eat meat.  I kind of hate that about myself, but oh well.  Matt loses weight as a vegetarian.  I lose more when I eat high protein and fewer (but not low) carbs.  Everyone is different, I suppose! 

So my latest obsession in flavor has been lemon pepper.  I have searched high and low for one that is low sodium but still tastes good.  No luck so far.  For now, I’m just going to go with marinating in lemon juice and dousing with white pepper.  Seems like it would be yummy.

Also, a flavorful idea:  I made some cabbage and broccoli (steamed and drained, still crunchy) then I tossed it with some soy sauce and threw in some nutritional yeast.  I served it over brown rice with lemon pepper chicken for me and fried tofu for Matt.  Delish! 

Oh, and Matt got a comment about his weight loss today, too.  My dad said that he wanted to mention to me that it was time for new jeans last week when he saw my sagging bagging jeans, but he was worried it would offend me.  He has much to learn about the female mind! LOL!  Altogether, a successful day!


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2 Responses to Why yes, these are skinny jeans. Thanks for asking.

  1. Dawn says:

    Great post! I’ve been following your blog off and on in support of your efforts. I am also examining my eating and lifestyle (read: exercise and the lack thereof) choices. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Christine says:

    I know what this must mean to you, to be losing the weight so effectively! Congratulations!

    Since I added drinking daily green smoothies to my plan, my weight loss has increased ~ they taste great, smell great, have tons of health benefits and make me feel like sunshine, inside, so it’s a frickin’ win-win, and I’m recommending them highly to all!

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